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Signet Rings for Ladies and Gents - A Buyers Guide



A signet ring is a casual reverse mold designed to symbolize a part of wax. These kinds of rings have been used in the 16th century by people likes kings and tradesman, according to the jewelers and jewelry stores. Personalizing your own signet rings is a way to link with the history and an attractive and creative way of sealing and signing letters. There is a complete buyer guide niche in this article that helps you buy a ring.

Men’s signet rings are getting very conventional, nowadays modern and stylish rings preferred by the most men. After several centuries, it is highly popular and preferred by both the males and females. However, it is not easy to wear such kinds of ring, it can break or make an outfit and image if you are selecting  one wise. In this article, you will get a complete guide to selecting a signet ring for you that also fit on your finger. These rings must be unique and match with your fashion sense and the design of the outfits and your personality that make you something special.

  • Pay Attention to the Style

There are two aspects, namely style and the material that used to make a signet ring. So you should pay an extra attention while you are choosing one. Generally, it said that these beautiful rings are made of either gold or silver, be it yellow or white gold. As it is one of the most preferred jewelry these days, available in the different karats as well, normally from the purer the gold, nine to eighteen higher number of karats the more costly the ring.

You can also get a palladium and even a platinum signet rings, but these are too costly and if you are looking to get one, then you will be paid a large amount of money sometimes thousands of dollars.

  • Engraving

It is quite far from all the features of the signet ring. However, to engraving the significant elements aspects that associate with the your passion and design or your family, for example the price of arms or initials, it is important to aware that the  more intricate signet design will be, and the jeweler must be experienced.

When it comes to engraving on the metals such as platinum or gold is not quite a simple task and furthermore to the sign that you want to personalize it according to your taste and style.

  • The Size

The last aspect that is must take into the consideration is the size (both the thickness and size of the jewelry) of the ring. So, it is very important to measure the size of your finger before getting one. It saves you to get one the wrong size ring that could not fit on your finger. Note down, it is quite easier to personalize a ring smaller than enlarge it, mostly at that occasion when you have already an embedded symbol into your signet rings.


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Post by ferienhaus (2015-08-29 05:26)

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